Henderson – Marsden overhead earthwire replacement

Groundline provided the detailed design and construction support to the lines contractor for the overhead earthwire replacement along Transpower’s Henderson - Marsden 220kV line.

During routine condition assessment, Transpower identified that sections of the existing overhead earthwire had reached the end of their useful life and required replacement. Groundline carried out a detailed design for the replacement of multiple sections of this earthwire, incorporating standardised hardware and other components.

The detailed design included structural assessments of the towers and updates of electrical clearances to ensure compliance with latest codes and standards.

Because of challenges with land access and delays due to poor weather, the project was constructed over several years.

The Groundline team supported lines contractor Northpower with field engineering support; working closely with their teams to provide rigging and stringing methodologies.

Groundline provided the design for the remaining sections for replacement (underway in 2020) and will carry out construction verifications and as-builting once construction is complete.

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