Established in 2004, Groundline is a global consultancy providing transmission and distribution lines engineering services to network operators and service providers.


Over the last 16 years, our business has grown exponentially. We credit our success to one thing – our team.

We have a rock-solid reputation for being great to work with – we build long-term relationships with, and make things as easy as possible for, our customers. We take a practical approach to what we do; looking beyond spreadsheets, software and calculations.

We’re not only great at what we do; we’re also dedicated to improving our industry and society as a whole. Groundline is a global leader in providing overhead solutions and systems suitable for high wildfire start risk environments. We invest significantly in ongoing research and development, and our customers benefit from this via our clever innovations in GPS, cloud software, ICT and seismic technologies.


People First
Collaborate, support and respect each other.
Question the status quo and embrace diversity.
Be clear, concise, and listen.
Innovative solutions by clever people.
Be flexible, adaptive and continuously improve.

Meet the global leadership team

Kate Morrison


Kate joined  our board mid-2021 further strengthening  Groundline's governance team.

Prior to moving to New Zealand in 2014, Kate spent 20 years working in investment banking in the UK, with Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and, most recently, Deutsche Bank, where she held a variety of senior client coverage and management roles in the areas of financial risk management, structured financing and investments. She now co-runs a Christchurch-based consulting business, advising SMEs on succession planning, strategy and governance, as well as holding directorships with a number of companies, including Christchurch International Airport Ltd, Heartland Group Holdings Limited, Link Engine Management Ltd and Farm Right Ltd. She also chairs the board of The New Zealand Merino Company Ltd.

Kendall Langston


Kendall started providing business advisory services to Groundline in 2019. In early 2021 Kendall took up the position of Board Chairman.

Kendall is the Managing Partner of Pivot and Pace, a New Zealand based Strategic Advisory delivering high impact strategy execution services to businesses internationally as they navigate constant change and disruption.

If there’s one thing that sets Kendall apart, it’s his military background as an Infantry Officer in the New Zealand Army. Kendall still serves in the NZ Army Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel, since 2004 his day-to-day working life has taken him down the path to professional leadership in commercial business. He has held three CEO roles and numerous independent director roles across a range of industries.

Kendall works full time as a professional board chair, independent director, executive leadership coach and business strategist with client companies across New Zealand, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Mark Thompson


Mark is Commercial and results focused, with key strengths in ideation, strategy and ‘pragmatic action’. He is passionate about customers, the team and improving performance by taking the bussiness on a meaningful and progressive journey.

Mark strives to move projects and the business forward quickly by bringing clarity and perspective he has acquired from specialist experience in a range of technology, finance and services organisations.

Mark  connects customer success, sales, marketing, and operational process and thinking to align with and deliver on strategy.

Ian Flatley


Ian founded Groundline Engineering in 2004 after recognising that the industry needed independent, specialist transmission lines engineering services. He also saw an opportunity to use his specialist skills to develop products and services that deliver lasting improvements for the industry and broader society. 

Ian’s extensive expertise has been developed over many years developing asset management strategies, developing policies and standards for design work, carrying out condition assessments and failure analyses and in providing technical support to field engineers and contractors.His work has taken him to Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland and the Caribbean.

Ian is a family man, a rugby league fan and enjoys a good New Zealand craft beer.

Richi Cleland


Richi, having worked with Ian on transmission lines projects since the 1990s, joined Groundline in its early days. He officially became a director in 2006.

Richi possesses a unique mix of people and technical skills. His strong background in transmission line engineering, including field engineering and managing network construction projects, underlines his success as an operations manager. 

He puts people first, investing heavily in staff and the team’s culture to ensure that Groundline continues to deliver outstanding service and outcomes for customers.

Richi enjoys spending time with his family and boating and has a passion for American classic cars.

Kyle James


Kyle discovered a passion for engineering while in the military. After spending sometime in the civilian world fitting out dairy factories and fishing vessels, he ventured into transmission and distribution lines engineering when his interest was piqued by a job advert that mentioned climbing and the opportunity to be outdoors.

Kyle then honed his lines design skills while working for some of the country’s largest engineering consultancies in New Zealand, Australia and Canada before joining Groundline in 2014.

As General Manager - New Zealand, Kyle brings his practical and technical transmission and distribution lines experience to lead and develop staff. He enjoys technical challenges and encourages his diverse team to think outside the square. 

Kyle loves cars, particularly old Volkswagens, and spends many nights in his work shed.

Adam Yates


Adam, having spent his whole career in transmission and distribution, joined Groundline in 2015 to set up the UK office.

Under Adam’s watch, Groundline quickly established itself as a key player in the market. His commitment to customer satisfaction and building a great team of people has resulted in Groundline providing services to some of the United Kingdom’s largest companies.  

Adam attributes Groundline’s UK success to its team members. He enjoys creating an environment that encourages people to come up with ideas and innovations while showing customers that Groundline’s ability to problem solve is unrivalled.

Adam enjoys motorsport, attempting DIY and walking his dog in the sun and the rain, mainly the rain.

Michael Lee


Michael joined Groundline in 2018 following a prestigious career travelling the world, training, lecturing and consulting as a metallurgy expert. Michael holds several patents for high-tech conductor products, so Groundline Australia moved quickly to bring him on board.

 Michael’s technical background, connections, and experience working across countries complement Groundline’s general management team. He enjoys the intensely competitive nature of the Australian operating environment and believes that Groundline Australia’s team is the best available.

Outside of work, Michael spends too much time modelling AFL football tipping, not enough time sampling red wines and about the right amount of time wandering around art galleries and sitting on pristine beaches.

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