Gore tee stringing

Groundline provided field engineering support to Electrix for a complex double circuit 220kV tee-off from the Gore to Invercargill line.

Groundline were engaged to provide on-site field engineering support including loading calculations, stringing methodology and quality assurance and control of the sagging process.

The tee-line consisted of a short section of 220kV double circuit steel monopoles that supported zebra ACSR conductor. The tee-off consisted of short steel poles that carried the circuits under the existing line configuration to allow connection into the tee-line.

Because the poles were steel, deflection meant that the original stringing methodology was cancelled. Groundline developed a new methodology that provided a more constructable option and allowed sagging to be carried out within the asset owner’s required timeframes.

Groundline carried out sagging of the tee-off, monitored termination pole deflections and loadings and also verfied construction works.

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