Case Study: Tower Testing During a Pandemic: 220kV Double Circuit Tower Family

In 2019 Groundline were awarded the contract to develop, fabricate, prototype build and test a 220kV double circuit tower family suite for Tas Networks. These towers would then be used as standard structures for use on TasNetworks transmission network.

This project was on a critical path for TasNetworks as it was directly scheduled to align with other major infrastructure works.

Due to the global impact of COVID-19, this business-as-usual project, suddenly became more of a challenge as face-to-face meetings with clients, suppliers and crucially, attending prototype build and tower testing, was no longer possible in person and had to be conducted in the virtual world.

Drawing from our experience in tower design and testing, we were able to control the tests in China via remote connection, working with the testing station and our close-knit team of suppliers to successfully complete all tests.

A big thank you to our partners; NZTE, ADEA and TasNetworks

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