Groundline helps utility providers around the world keep people connected and businesses running.

We have experience in all aspects of the power lines industry; from 11kV to 500kV+, new builds to refurbishments, condition assessments to asset management, site support and design verifications to project management – we’ve done, and can do, it all.

Our team has worked around the world, in incredibly diverse and difficult environments; from remote, dry deserts, to wild, wet rainforests, urban cities, to cyclone-prone prairies - no matter what your challenge, we understand what’s required.


Groundline provides overhead line, transmission and distribution design solutions for all asset types and voltages.

We work to international design standards using industry-standard line design software including Power Line Systems (PLS), Terrain 3D, SPACE GASS and Autodesk suite.

We’re a trusted provider of design services to the electrical industry. We hold positions on design panels and have framework contracts with national and international utility providers.  
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Line route design

Line route selection:

Optimum structure spotting

Constructability (heavy vehicle access,
construction lay down areas, machine setup sites)

Environmental constraints (allowable easement widths, vegetation clearance, existing buildings and infrastructure, landowner and heritage constraints).

Line route survey (ground-based, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV))

Technical assistance for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Impact Assessment Reports (IAR)

Stakeholder management (e.g., power utilities, landowners, community representatives)

Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) for tenders.

Drafting and CAD services

Wire and electrical clearance diagrams

Plan and profile drawings

Structural steel installation general arrangements

Fabrication details, material lists and bolt lists

Route and access maps

Set and insulator designs

Foundation general arrangements and setting level diagrams

Line schedules and asset records.

Electrical design

Conductor and earth wire selection

Electrical design aspects for structural geometry (conductor spacings, earth wire shield angles)

Insulation coordination studies and outage performance design

Insulation design

Earthing design.

Line design

PLS-CADD modelling:

Line design optimisation (optimum spotting design including conductor tensions, structure heights and weights, foundations, cost analysis)

Line design upgrades:

Increasing ground clearances


Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) installations

Line cut ins and augmentations

Wind and solar generation connections:

Reticulation and termination designs

Conductor vibration and galloping designs

Construction documentation:

Plan and profile designs

Line schedules

Construction staking schedules

Material lists

Stringing schedules

Damper placement charts.

Structure design

Structural designs using:

Power Line Systems suite


Structural loadings (in accordance with industry standards and asset owners’ requirements):

Load trees and charts

Structural geometry designs based on electrical, operational and maintenance requirements.

Lattice tower designs and optimisations:

Guyed or self-supporting

Detailed designs and modification and strengthening designs for existing structures

New structure designs and optimisations

Tower bracings

Tower dimensions

Optimisation curves

Structure detailings and connection designs, including fabrication drawings

Optimisations for cost and weight.

Pole structure designs:

Wood, steel, concrete, composite, fi bre reinforced and stobie.

Guyed or self-supporting (including multi-pole structures)

Detailed design checks and modifi cation/ strengthening design for existing structures•

New structure design and optimisation.

Structure procurement specifi cations:

Load trees and charts

Structural outlines and geometry

Key connection and attachment plate design requirements

Full scale structure prototypings and load testings.

Foundation design

Designs for lattice tower, guyed tower, direct embedded and base plate connected poles

Foundation designs for difficult terrain and environments:

Pad and chimney

Long pile (belled and unbelled)

Rock anchor

Large pad.

Integrity & As-built assessments of existing piled foundations using Transient Dynamic Response (TDR) technology

Management of geotechnical investigations

Foundation upgrades and strengthening.

Verifications and peer reviews

Groundline understands the importance of independent verification and working with designers to ensure a safe, code compliant, constructible design that remains long after we have gone.

Independent verifications and peer reviews, carried out by a third-party expert, reduce the risk of  costly mistakes and oversights.

This is where Groundline comes in.

You can rest assured knowing with our global reach and ongoing investment in training and upskilling, we have a comprehensive understanding of your local standards and will bring international best practice to bear on your project.


Groundline has extensive engineer to contract, project engineer and construction management experience.

Our unmatched knowledge ensures you have robust and accurate operational support.

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Overhead line construction and maintenance is in our blood. We started on the ground, and use the expertise and knowledge gained in the work we do today.

We provide robust and accurate operational support:

Engineering field checks

Rigging load calculations

Structural capacity checks

Plant and equipment compliance checks

Stringing and sagging management:

Stringing and sagging methodologies

Optimum conductor utilisation

Machine site setup and loading checks

Conductor running tensions

Critical observation spans

Uplift support

Procedural and quality assurance documentation

As-built verifications and documentation.

Line route survey and staking

Structure set-out pegging

Lattice tower stub setting and pole base plate engineering support and site assistance

Structural assessments:

Construction loadings

Maintenance loadings

Maintenance and construction electrical clearance checks.


Our asset management methods focus on extending the life of your assets and optimising your transmission capabilities.

Our data, condition assessments and maintenance schedules can help you make cost-effective, timely, informed investment decisions, prevent failures and ensure public and employee safety.
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Desktop assessments and studies

Our desktop assessments and studies determine the condition of your assets and identify potential electrical infringements to vegetation or changes inland use or building developments. Depending on your requirements, they may be supplemented with, or informed by, site-based inspections and tests.

Feeder and circuit desktop reviews

Environmental studies

High-definition photographic inspections and data capture

Ground-based photography

Aerial inspections using helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

Site inspections and testing

Groundline seeks to understand our customers’ asset strategies so we can help deliver on them. We provide quality data and data interpretations, using nondestructive testing methods as much as possible.

Our testing methods include:

Transient Dynamic Response (TDR) testing and analysis of foundations

Earth impedance testing of transmission line structures

Steel corrosion measurements using ultrasonic techniques

Wood pole testing using our Thor pole tester

Geotechnical inspections and testing:

Bore holes (rotary and percussion)

Trial pits

Intrusive foundation inspections

Soil sampling

Peat probing

Slope stability assessments

Seismic risk assessments (liquefaction).

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We provide outstanding service to our customers, ensuring we understand their problems and working together to create simple, targeted solutions to meet their needs.

As a result, we've delivered two world-leading products: Thor, a non-destructive seismic pole tester; and a covered conductor ideally suited to extreme environments.

THOR Poletest

Digging and drilling into otherwise sound poles is time-consuming, damaging and dangerous. We’ve developed a better, non-invasive way of testing poles that saves time and money, and we call it THOR.

Covered Conductor

Working with Swedish company Amokabel, we've developed a way to dramatically reduce the risk of wildfires sparked from power lines. Our covered conductor offers a safe, low-cost solution that performs in extreme environments.

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