What We've Done

THOR Pole Tester

When our development team set out to develop the Thor Pole Tester it was about finding the simplest, quickest and most cost effective way to test the strength and structure of timber poles.  

We believe that digging and drilling holes into otherwise sound poles is at best obsolete, at worst dangerous. We knew there had to be a better,non-invasive way of assessment. 

This simple handheld device uses seismic technology to determine the state of each pole. This means you can now do a true non-destructive test on a timber pole in just 10 seconds. With no digging, one person can test the whole length of the pole and in many cases pinpoint the exact location of any issues.

The units are made in New Zealand and developed in conjunction with Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. To see more photos of Thor Pole Tester Click here.

Why Thor?

'Thor' comes from Norse mythology and is the hammer-wielding god of thunder, lightening, storms, oak trees, strength and protection of mankind.

Further Information:

www.poletest.com or email us at info@groundlineengineering.com


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