Groundline Newsletters

End of 2015: December 2015

A look into the team at Groundline, expanding into the UK and rounding off 2015

2015 has been a big year! The highlights are:

Officially launched into the UK
Grown our team across all locations
Secured a new Framework Agreement with ElectraNet
Development of both QandA and THOR technologies set to revolutionise the industry

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Onward and Upward: April 2015

Read about our long standing relationship with ElectraNet, the range of work we do every day and the latest news on our THOR technology.

Since first working with ElectraNet in South Australia over ten years ago, we continue to enjoy an ever growing relationship with them. This relationship recently saw us securing what has been the largest contract to date in Groundline’s history. It seems to be a recurring theme with our clients who comment how much they enjoy working with us. This might be due in part to our approach of getting on with the job and delivering on what we say we will, when we say we will. Clients also connect with our engineers’ not just sitting behind a desk working on projects, but our team getting out into the field wherever possible. Mix this with our focus on technology to streamline processes and the way we do business, we’ve one hell of a winning combination. Get the full story...

Thanks for a great year: December 2014

Reflections on a busy year, our continuing commitment to research and development and looking forward to 2015.

2014 will go down as a very positive, busy and productive year for Groundline. We have enjoyed working with our various clients on both sides of the Tasman. Many of our projects this year have been around Condition Assessment - the brown fields stuff. Always hard work but increasingly in demand as legacy equipment continues to age and no longer meets modern standards. With increasing risks we are happy to give this gear some palliative engineering care! Internally we have invested strongly in systems and new technologies. The payback investment of streamlined, integrated processes means we now spend more time working on projects face to face with clients and less time on internal overheads. New technologies such as GPS Tracking with improved resource planning tools and processes makes it safer for our staff on site working alone or in remote locations. Get the full story...

THOR Pole Tester - See it first in New Zealand: July 2014

The first unveiling of our THOR Pole testing technology

After more than ten years of development and testing I am now delighted to introduce to you the Thor Pole Tester.  When our development team set out to develop the Thor Pole Tester it was about finding the simplest, quickest and most cost effective way to test the strength and structure of timber poles. It seemed to us that digging and drilling holes into otherwise sound poles was at best obsolete, at worst dangerous. There had to be a better, non invasive way of assessment. Get the full story...